Michael Byrne, ND, MA
Psychotherapist, Naturopathic Physician
Seattle Healing Arts Center
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Psychotherapy / Counseling

Studies have repeatedly shown that psychotherapy and counseling work. They help people to achieve their health and wellness goals. Studies have also shown self-help books to be effective in helping people achieve their goals. There are many ways to heal; there are many ways to learn and grow. Pastors, mentors, teachers, friends, coaches, indigenous healers and all types of people can help one another to heal and grow. Finding what works for you personally is the key.

A very important part of the the healing process is your connection with those you are seeing for support. Important characteristics in a helping relationship include honesty, authenticity, a non-judgmental atmosphere, challenge at correct times, validation and affirmation. This relationship is a huge determinant in the success of your process. Take the time to assess this relationship, and know that it may also change over time. If you are not feeling like you are getting what you want from it, speak up sooner rather than later. The person you are working with should be able to either make changes in the way he or she is working with you, or help you find another practitioner who will better suit your needs and style.

Within the psychotherapy profession there are also many approaches. Again, studies have shown that all can be effective. It depends on you. Discuss any concerns or questions with the person you are working with if they arise. If the approach they are using is not working for you, bring it up so that changes can be made. Again, do this sooner rather than later.