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Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy (CST) was developed by the osteopathic physician, John Upledger. It is a very gentle physical medicine that works to release restrictions in the body, focusing mainly on the central nervous system and structures surrounding it. It is useful for a wide array of medical concerns. In my experience I have found it especially useful for chronic pain, tension, chronic fatigue and anxiety.

I have also found CST to be a profound tool for helping people to reconnect with their body, and to understand the connections between their thoughts, feelings and bodily experiences. Sometimes the body already knows what the mind might be avoiding. Tuning into the body can be an effective way of learning what needs healing in other areas of one’s life. Healing the body can be another way of healing the mind. Nothing in our existence happens in isolation from anything else. It is all connected.

More Information on Craniosacral

If you would like more information about this form of therapy, here is a useful link: http://www.upledger.com/content.asp?id=61