Michael Byrne, ND, MA
Psychotherapist, Naturopathic Physician
Seattle Healing Arts Center
9730 3rd Ave. NE, Suite 208
Seattle, WA 98115 [map]
(206) 428-2067


Counseling / Psychotherapy

My style of counseling is born out of a great interest and care for people and the stories of their lives. Compassionate yet challenging, I am committed to being a solid support as you strive to make real changes in your life. We will work to loosen the hold of unconscious patterns, generating awareness and a greater sense of freedom of movement. I work with individuals and couples. We will address any mental health concerns, as well as the mental, emotional and spiritual components of any chronic illnesses that frustrate you.

Health & Vitality Coaching

As a naturopathic physician, I bring all the tools of a primary care physician to helping you achieve your health goals. We will look closely at all aspects of your lifestyle, as well as any necessary lab work. Nutrition, mind-body medicine and lifestyle counseling will be important aspects of our work together. I happily consult with other doctors or providers you are working with or have worked with in the past. All of this is under your control.

Inner Compass Walks

One might call this a walking therapy session. It is perhaps more akin to a ceremony. Join me for an hour walk around a circle while we allow the wisdom of Nature to join with what it is in our hearts to explore. We will connect with the spirit of change, the spirit of the circle, and learn to see questions from multiple perspectives. Gaining greater understanding not just through the mind, but through body, spirit and heart as well.

Craniosacral Therapy

This form of bodywork is a profound, subtle, and often an extremely relaxing experience. I have found it to be a compelling method for bringing balance between mind, body and spirit. It is also a gateway for greater communication between body, mind and spirit. Additionally, people who are in too much pain for massage find it a very beneficial and healing form of bodywork (i.e. recent accident or trauma).

Parenting Coaching

I have worked extensively with some of the most troubled and challenged children and adolescents.  I am also a parent myself. It truly does take a village to raise a child. We should not be struggling alone. I have a particular expertise in working with single, divorced and co-parenting situations.


Experiential and Insightful. Expect to be challenged, and expect to have fun. These workshops provide tools and experiences for personal discovery, as well as adventures in expanding creativity and community.