Michael Byrne, ND, MA
Psychotherapist, Naturopathic Physician
Seattle Healing Arts Center
9730 3rd Ave. NE, Suite 208
Seattle, WA 98115 [map]
(206) 428-2067


The time I spent with Dr. Michael Byrne helped me reach a place of greater clarity and strength by allowing me to process some of the difficult dynamics I have been dealing with for many years. After our conversations, I am more capable of moving forward in my life with the vitality, integrity, and presence essential to my own fulfillment and sense of well-being. During our time together, Dr. Byrne served as a guide through my own history and helped me rediscover the present moment, bringing an energy of mindfulness to my daily life and a renewed sense of peace, composure, and equanimity. I will forever be grateful for this experience of healing, and I highly recommend Dr. Michael Byrne to anyone seeking to renew their connection to the present and discover their place in our human community.