Michael Byrne, ND, MA
Psychotherapist, Naturopathic Physician
Seattle Healing Arts Center
9730 3rd Ave. NE, Suite 208
Seattle, WA 98115 [map]
(206) 428-2067


Life is a great Mystery – sometimes grand, sometimes mundane, sometimes elating, sometimes disheartening. At times it is full of wonder; at other times we just wonder. We cannot know ahead of time what all the twists and turns will be. It’s a gamble. We roll the dice and don’t know what we will get. And yet hopefully, we keep coming back to life saying “Yes,” willing to roll the dice again. We try again each day, despite the uncertainty. At times we even celebrate the uncertainty.

In this unfolding of our lives, we are ultimately on our own (and we are not). What I mean is that it is only yourself who can live your life, who can make meaning of your time here. Nobody can fathom the deepest purposes of another person’s life. And yet, we can also walk with each other on these journeys. We are not alone, really. And in walking together, we can share this journey, and learn with each other, and even help each other.

My goal as a therapist, as a guide or facilitator of the unfolding Self, is but a tiny part in the full and unique life of each person I work with. My intention is to see and nurture your light, your creativity, and your truth, and to help you achieve your goals. I am also comfortable sitting with you in the darkness, with the pain, and not turning away. There are unseen treasures there, though it certainly doesn’t feel that way. We are both the light and the dark, and both are essential.

You contain within you, all that you need to create a life that you love. My role is that of co-conspirator in that effort. We will work together toward creating vibrant health, freedom of expression, joyful movement, or whatever it is you’d like to bring forth. You are stronger than your history, and I will encourage you to dream boldly for your future, and live with courage and awareness in the present.

We may work within a structured format, or our work may have a more free-flowing nature. I am flexible to what will best serve you. In order for you to grow, you will need both safety and challenge, and I will strive to provide both. I will be straightforward and open in all our work together. I have faith in the healing power of nature and the healing power within each of us. We will work to build that faith in yourself as well, if it has waned. My goal is for you to feel capable of directing your life (as much as that is really possible), steering and managing and growing through the many turns it takes. And if it’s possible to experience life more as an adventure and less as a burden… life gets a bit more livable, and even lovable.

“Meanings are not determined by situations, but we determine ourselves by the meanings we give to situations.”  ~ Alfred Adler