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The meeting of souls




No words to add. Just watch this: (tap the “Read More” button and you’ll see it)



  1. Frankie

    I so enjoyed watching this video. I listened with a yearning to feel that connectedness. I look forward, with anticipation, to having you help me to find it.

    • It is quite a moving story, and she does such a wonderful job delivering it. Becoming more authentic, within oneself, and with others, can be scary, painful and confusing. But whenever I’ve been able to be with those challenges and still move forward to meet my, or another’s soul, it has been worth it. It leaves us open to more pain, for sure, but also to more love. And I think our ability to sit with the painful parts increases as we sit more deeply in our authentic self. And we also draw more deeply from the well of love within and around us.

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