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A Rite of Change

A Rite of Change

I just opened a book, The Fruitful Darkness, by Joan Halifax. This is the passage I just read:

When we sever ourselves from society in a rite of change, there is an invisible door that we pass through that has no words on the other side. On this side of the door, says Garcia Larco, “Our eyes remain on the surface, like water flowers behind which we hide / our trembling bodies floating in an unseen world.” It is this door to the depths that opens when we die. When we pass through this door, we always lose something. Something must be sacrificed. If it is the door between life and death, we must sacrifice our physical body, and if it is the door of initiation, we sacrifice our social body. This door also separates and joins the living and the dead. Creation requests that we open this door.

She goes on the say, “I believe it is through stillness and silence that the door opens.” Change happens in the stillness of the moment. Silence is a Ceremony. A string of moments, dying and being born.

Just thought I’d share….

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